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Teacher Training for Vocational Schools - Academic Field of Economics


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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Dr. phil., Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The work of teachers in Vocational Schools is organized around transmitting skills in the academic field of Economics, as well as in the various general instructional subjects.

The Master’s degree program for teaching in Vocational Schools with a major in Economics is directed towards students, who have completed a B.A. degree in this discipline already. The successful completion of the consecutive Master’s degree entitles students to be admitted to their preparatory service for teacher certification in Vocational Schools concentrating on Economics in conjunction with their career qualification in secondary level II. This degree broadens the career choices for students who had previously completed a diploma as a business studies teacher. Graduates of the Master’s degree are also qualified to take up doctoral studies.

Structure and Content
The four-semester program follows the European system of Bachelor and Master’s degrees as defined by the Bologna process, and also meets the specific guidelines for teacher training established by the state of Lower Saxony and the conference of cultural affairs ministers.

Students working toward the M. Ed. in teaching at Vocational Schools—major in Economics choose the Economics as their major as well as a minor from among six possible general instructional subjects from their B.A. studies (English, Mathematics, German, Politics, Protestant religion, or Sports). Their program of study is rounded out by courses in business and professional education. The Leuphana degree program expands and systemizes the specific scientific, didactic and educational knowledge and skills that students acquired in their previous Bachelor studies.

The teaching research project examines practical problems of vocational school teachers in the context of practical pedagogical studies and academic research at the university.

Target Group
The consecut

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