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Degrees Offered:

Start of the program: In the summer-term of each year (i.e. 1 March) Duration of studies: Four semesters Degree: Master of Arts Credit Points: 120 ECTS Language of instruction: English

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Introduction to the Masters Program I’ve finished my Bachelor’s degree but I’m not satisfied, yet. I want to take my experiences to the next level; be they in economics, the humanities, social and cultural sciences, or any other field of study. I am eager to rethink and transfer ideas from multiple disciplines and make them fruitful for myself and my environment. That is why I’m signing up for the master’s degree program in ‘Management’ at Karlshochschule. My studies here don’t provide me with a mere ‘classical’ examination of economics. They are rather a playing field where management and the cultural and social sciences, theory and practice, ethics and thoughts on sustainability come together – and where I do not take these phenomena for granted, but where I reflect them critically and empathically. What’s the buzz? Management with Specialization The program is set up on three pillars: General & Transformative Management, Personal Skills and an individual selection of two from our eight areas of specialization. Management with Philosophy To us, management is an interdisciplinary phenomenon in which people and their interrelationships are key. Therefore, we approach management from a social and cultural sciences point-of-view. Responsibility with Trust We want to bring determined, dedicated and open minds together – regardless of their financial standing. Therefore, you only pay the amount you believe the program is worth. We call this ‘Pay as much as you like.’ Studying with Flexibility The lectures are held on a weekly basis from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. Hence, you can study a full-time master’s program with maximum temporal flexibility. Environment with Diversity We are international! This means that, firstly, the lectures are held entirely in English. And secondly, you study in an environment of international professors, guest lecturers, staff, and fellow students from all over the world. Ability with Personality The program is designed not only to widen and deepen your expertise but to develop your personality and equip you with the right mind, rules and tools for your life. Research with Practice The master’s creatively and interactively bridges the gap between theory and practice through applications in business- and research-related projects. Tuition fees The principle of the master’s program is: Pay as much as you like. This means, we do not charge a uniform monthly tuition fee, but it is up to you individually how much you want to pay for your master’s program. We want to bring determined, dedicated and open minds together – regardless of their financial standing. For further information please check our website.


Accredited by Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) until 31.3.2018

International Student Requirements:

Please find further information on the admission process and documents to be submitted on our website.

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Financial Aid: No

International Financial Aid: No

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