Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

Molecular Biotechnology


Senckenberganlage 31

RuW Bldg.

Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen


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Degrees Offered:

Molecular Biotechnology

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The M.Sc. Molecular biotechnology is on reporting research-oriented. In it, theoretical knowledge (eg from molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, analysis) on chemical and biological processes at the molecular level, the practice and transferred to a technological platform for the targeted design of biologically active molecules and created the scientific and economic value to generate a. Detailed insights into the functioning of biological macromolecules enable the development of innovative products and processes, tailored enzymes to new biomolecule-based analysis of drugs or rich. The basis is a Bachelor (or equivalent degree) in the area of biotechnology, life sciences or similar disciplines.


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