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Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

Curatorial Studies


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Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen


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In the center of the Masters Course is the scientific debate on curating and art criticism as an intellectual and aesthetic challenges with more practical perspective. Goal is to acquire a competence, the object-oriented approach to theory and combines expertise. It is a special concern of the new course, which is closely tied to discussions on contemporary art curating and art criticism to earlier periods and other cultural studies disciplines to open in the past. Exhibition and museum operations of the 21st Century are faced with new tasks and challenges. Under the terms of a global art world, but also in response to developments within contemporary art, challenge is the presentation of art works and cultural and historical objects to a more complex, considering the history of art as well as cultural, social, political and philosophical aspects requires. Museums and other art institutions have to face the task of public re-formulate their concept. More and more museums comes to the task of modeling public discourse. The resulting consequences are not only for those institutions that contemporary art is concerned with directly. Rather, the changes are so fundamental that the operation of classical art-historical, ethnological and historical collections relating to it. The master's program Curatorial Studies - Theory - History - Criticism mediated future museum curators, curators and art critics, a theoretical and practical basis for their future careers. During the master's program students have the opportunity to share specialist knowledge with curatorial issues and practical skills to connect. The Frankfurt program is distinguished by a unique collaboration Germany dedicated university departments, outstanding museums and an internationally renowned art academy in.


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