FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences

FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences

European Master of Science in Nuclear Applications


Juelich Campus

Heinrich-Mussmann-Str. 1

Julich, Nordrhein- 52428


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M. Sc. Nuclear Applications

Format: Campus

Program Description:

While most people are aware of Nuclear Energy, many other uses of atomic nuclei, their constituents and radiation have not yet come to public attention. This is somewhat surprising as we all benefit from these technologies in our daily life when they improve our quality of living. Nuclear techniques are presently being used in fields as diversified as agriculture, aerospace engineering, medicine, biotechnology, chemical engineering, power generation, material science, metallurgy, nanotechnology, and biogeochemistry. Radiotracer investigations set the fundamentals for our understanding of the basic reactions in living cells. The development of new drugs is performed with the aid of radioactively-labeled compounds. In medicine, radiopharmaceuticals help to discover and differentiate diseases as well as to cure them (e.g., diseases of the thyroid, cancer). Basic principles in biotechnology have been investigated and are still being tested with nuclear methods. In agriculture, optimum use of fertilizers and plant-protecting agents are established by radiotracer investigations. The impact of radioactive materials on the environment has been a major field of investigation for many decades, including nuclear waste management and safe disposal of such materials. Nuclear probes are used in the search for new materials designed for special properties and are used in production and quality control. The widespread use of computers and cellular phones would not be possible without high quality silicon chips that are tested this way. A recent survey of industries and research centers using nuclear technology shows that there will be increasing demand in the coming decade to hire people skilled in nuclear techniques.



International Student Requirements:

Proof of English language ability: TOEFL 68 or IELTS Academic Test Band 5.5 or equivalent. German applicants please contact us. Proof of German language ability required before admission or during enrollment. See website for details.

Facts & Figures

Financial Aid: No

International Financial Aid: No

# of Credits Required: 120

In State Tuition (per year): 500 EUR

Out State Tuition (per year): 500 EUR

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