Bauhaus-University Weimar

Public Art and New Artistic Strategies


Universität Weimar, European Urban Studies, Albrecht-Dürer-Str. 2

Faculty of Art and Design

Weimar, Thuringen


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Master of Fine Arts

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The „Weimar Modell“ combines theory and practice in interdisciplinary and project-oriented studies. The focus is on the participants´individual art work, created for a particular context. Students hone their ability to react within dynamic and changing parameters. The course offers an intensive theoretical investigation of public space. The students deal with the historical, philosophical and sociological aspects of public space as well as other topics generated in relationship to the art works in process. Contemporary art production and the history of art and culture are part of the discourse. The concept of the program attempts to utilize and unlock the potential available in the Weimar as well as in the region. Instruction is offered in seminars, workshops, speciality courses and public art projects, the latter usually in cooperation with sponsors, institutions or a municipality. Every semester students undertake one public art project and a related graduate seminar, as well as compulsory and optional modules (speciality course, workshop, excursion). In addition are the „Monday Night Lectures“ in collaboration with the ACC-Gallery Weimar.


ACQUIN Bayreuth in 2003

International Student Requirements:

International students who want to enroll at a German university may only do so with a Student Visa. A visa must be applied for in your home country, at the German embassy or the nearest German consulate. For students from EU countries, Switzerland, Canada and the USA no entry visa is required. Never travel to Germany on a tourist visa because a tourist visa cannot be converted into a student visa.
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