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Masters of Arts in Fashion Design: Haute Couture/Haute Technology


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Masters of Arts in Fashion Design: Haute Couture/Haute Technology

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Program Description:

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Fashion Design proposed by PCA, focused on new materials and technologies, is a one-year program aimed at equipping designers with the knowledge and skills required to make the most of emerging new technologies and materials.

New materials are being developed at a fast rate, enabling garments to do more than clothe: they can measure temperature, transmit information about the wearer’s physiological state, provide stimulation, release compounds into the skin, etc.

These materials are often used for sportswear and underwear, but they can serve a purpose outside of technical wear. The goal of the program is to encourage and enable designers of ready-to-wear to incorporate them into their design, whether it be men’s, women’s or children’s wear. Students will also learn to work with new technologies, such as using 3D printing to produce a garment or creating connected garments.

France hosts many companies specializing in innovative materials (Lytess is a pioneer in cosmetotextiles, which are textiles containing a substance or preparation intended to be released permanently on different parts of the epidermis) and connectivity (Cityzen Sciences was the first to launch a connected T-shirt), and we will draw on this local expertise for our Professional Practice Workshop Series.

The program combines technical knowledge and principles of design research and theory. Studio classes and workshops conducted by professionals from relevant fields (materials experts, engineers, designers) emphasize the mastery of new materials and technologies and their incorporation into a wide range of designs (not only technical gear), while theory-based and methodology courses help students develop their personal creative visions.

Students with a background in fashion design or tailoring will be well-suited to enter the program, while also continuing to broaden their knowledge and skills through supporting courses on sustainable production processes and ethical responsibilities.

The structure of the this degree is composed of three types of classes: Studio: Creativity & Inquiry (core and elective courses) Research: Investigation (core and elective courses) Professional Skills (core and elective courses)


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