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Masters in Transdisciplinary New Media

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Designed for those who are interested in exploring the wide-ranging creative field of New Media that goes beyond traditionally defined art and design disciplines, this program employs methods of transdisciplinary practice through collaborative teamwork. Through a shared creative process, students will re-frame their current understanding of different tools, technologies, theories and methods, developing hybrid systems and solutions that go beyond any one discipline.

At PCA, students can complete either a Masters of Art (MA) or a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Transdisciplinary New Media. The first two semesters (fall and spring) of these programs follow a common curriculum. Then, students either go on to complete a full-time summer term to receive the MA degree or continue for two semesters of study in the following academic year (fall and spring) to receive the MFA.

Graduates of both the MA and MFA will go on to apply their skills to collaborative projects in domains as varied as online and traditional publishing, video games, art installations, exhibitions, live performances, web design, interaction/interface design, software development, service design, etc. As well, the MFA, which is considered a terminal degree in this field, will open the doors to teaching opportunities in higher education for our graduates.

The program is open to any applicant who has successfully completed an undergraduate degree (BFA, BA, BSc, BID, BArch, etc.). To encourage this transdisciplinary approach, candidates from varied backgrounds-including art, design, programming, business, literature, philosophy, science, music and theory-are actively encouraged to apply. Because we want to encourage students with varied skill sets and perspectives some students may be required to take preparatory summer undergraduate courses or pre-requisites: applicants without a BFA are required to have at least two semesters of Art or Design History; applicants with non-technical backgrounds will be required to attend a summer undergraduate Digital Crash Course prior to enrollment; and certain elective courses may be made mandatory to shore up skills that may otherwise be lacking. The PCA Digital Crash Course is comprised of 3 two-week intensive courses including: Video, Web (HTML, CSS, PHP), and Processing.


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