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Master of Arts in Accessories Design: Jewelry and Leather Goods


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Master of Arts in Accessories Design: Jewelry and Leather Goods

Format: Campus

Program Description:

PCA proposes a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Accessories Design, a one-year program aimed at emerging designers interested in specializing in accessory design, specifically jewelry and leather goods. The program meets the demands of an expanding market for accessories, especially in the fashion and luxury industries.

Students with an undergraduate background in fashion, fine arts or crafts will be particularly suited for this program. A mix of prior disciplinary experiences is a benefit to their overall learning. The program combines technical knowledge and principles of design research and theory.

Studio classes and workshops conducted by professionals emphasize the mastery of traditional handcraft and modern techniques, while theory-based and methodology courses help students develop their personal creative visions. Thanks to the multidisciplinary crossover of this program, students will be well-prepared to enter the professional world of contemporary design.

Students focus in either leather goods or jewelry, while also continuing to broaden their knowledge and skills through supporting courses on technical drawing and still life photography.

Graduates will be able to apply their skills in settings as varied as independent designers and entrepreneurs, designers for international fashion and accessories brands, and makers of leather goods for the luxury industry.

The structure of the M.A. is composed of three types of classes:

Studio: Creativity & Inquiry In studio classes, students master traditional, modern and experimental design and manufacturing techniques. They also use cross-disciplinary technical skills, combining materials, tools and concepts from different industries.
Research: Investigation Research seminars will teach students to appreciate design theory and a conceptual methodology that will enhance their creative output; develop skills in the written and verbal expression of ideas.
Professional Skills: Professional skills workshops and classes will enable students to enhance their preparedness for the job market


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