Aalborg University

Center for International Studies

Intelligent Autonomous Systems


International Office, Fibigerstraede 2

Aalborg, Nordjyllan 9220


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The emerging discipline of intelligent systems offers the prospect of extending automatic control to a number of new control problems. A particularly challenging set of problems are posed by systems that must operate autonomously, making control decisions entirely on the basis of experience and without reference to any supervisor or externally supplied error information. The programme in Intelligent Autonomous Systems provides education related to the development of intelligent control systems capable of unsupervised operation in noisy, dynamic, unknown, non-linear, real-time environments. The students will obtain skills and abilities related to the development and application of advanced intelligent control techniques to the design and construction of autonomous land, marine and space vehicles.Autonomous systems have several common features. They deal with complex environments dominated by discrete events. The requirements to safe operation and availability are very high, and to achieve intelligent solutions full use is made of information technology and control theory.


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