Aalborg University

Department of Business Studies

Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics (MIKE-E)


International Office, Fibigerstraede 2

Aalborg, Nordjyllan 9220


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.Sc. Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics (MIKE-E)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

In Danish as well as in international organisations and among policy-makers there is a growing focus on the need to re-design institutions, firm strategies, and economic policy to match the demand of the new 'knowledge-based economy'. There is an increasing demand for academically trained economists who can pursue economic analyses and strategies in relation to knowledge and innovation. The key objective of this MSc programme in Innovation, Knowledge and Economic dynamics (MIKE-E) is to train economists in the understanding of knowledge-based economic dynamics. The programme emphasises the capability to make profound and reflective analyses and the capability to define and implement sustainable strategies in a world characterised by rapid change and uncertainty. The programme gives students the opportunity to learn how to use specific theories, models, methods, and tools that can help to understand the interaction between knowledge, innovation and the economy in a context characterised by globalisation, rapid change and uncertainty. A few examples illustrate topics to be studied: * What role does knowledge play for economic development? * How is knowledge diffused in the economy? * How do different types of firms organise their innovation activities? * Globalisation as a challenge for the Danish innovation system? * How can further interaction between universities and industry be stimulated? * How do industrial clusters emerge? * What is the relation between innovation and sustainable development? * What kind of policy is needed to stimulate sustainable innovation?


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