Aalborg University

Center for International Studies

Chemical Engineering


International Office, Fibigerstraede 2

Aalborg, Nordjyllan 9220


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Chemical Engineering

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Chemical Engineering deals with design of chemical or biochemical processes. If a researcher has found a substance that could be used as a non-polluting fuel, a low-calorie sweetener or a biodegradable plastic, it will be a chemical engineering task to find out how to produce the substances in practice. This has to be done by taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of economical, environmental workplace as well as operational aspects of the production. In most cases, there are different methods to be used whether one produces three grams or three tons. In small scale the economical and environmental aspects may not be important whereas in large scale it may have big consequences. In Chemical Engineering we must be able to predict these consequences. Based on chemical and biochemical knowledge, technical solutions have to be developed, implemented and analysed.


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