University of Saskatchewan

College of Commerce

Environmental Engineering Division


The Graduate Studies Committee,15 Campus Drive

308 Dental Clinic Building

Saskatoon, SK






Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.Eng. - Environmental Engineering;M.Sc.- Environmental Engineering, Ph.D.- Environmental Engineering

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Division of Environmental Engineering is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary association of faculty based mainly in the College of Engineering. The following are some areas of study in environmental engineering that could be pursued by students in the Division of Environmental Engineering:
  • Water supply and waste water treatment and disposal for municipal and industrial systems.
  • Wind engineering and atmospheric dispersion of pollutants.
  • Waste management from manufacturing, mining, agriculture, forestry, petroleum andprocessing industries.
  • Groundwater contamination, remediation and containment.
  • Surface water management and pollution control.
  • Reduction in toxic emissions from forest products, herbicide/pesticide plants.
  • Automobile emissions and alternative fuels.
  • Building energy conservation.
  • Agricultural practices, fertilizers, feedlots, etc.
  • Development of energy alternatives and energy conservation.
  • Improving efficiency of manufacturing processes.
  • Urban land use
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