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McGill University Montreal , QC  
  • The Graduate Programme in Neuroscience in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery offers opportunities for graduate studies in a variety of basic and clinically-applied neuroscience disciplines at the M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels. Students may choose to... more >

  • The Department has laboratories for the analyses of soils, sediments, paleoecology, and remote sensing, as well as Geographic Information Systems. Within physical geography, research interests include development, economic,historical, polar, and urban g... more >

  • The Institute studies cultural and religious issues surrounding Islam. more >

  • The Department of Art History offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the history of both art and architecture.The aim of the Graduate Programme in Art History is to prepare candidates for teaching and research,museum curatorships, and other art and architectu... more >

  • The mission of the Electron Microscopy Centre is to promote and advance the science and practice of all microscopic imaging, analysis and diffraction... more >

  • The Faculty of Management also offers a Ph.D. more >

  • The Department examines anesthetic practice and research, as well as acute and chronic pain. more >

  • The aim of the graduate program in second languages is to provide advanced studies in theory and research in second language learning and teaching. more >

  • The Graduate Programme in Communications offers studies leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. While media products and related forms of cultural expression provide a continuing practical context of issues and concerns, one of the primary goals of the p... more >

  • The Department of Occupational Health offers a multidisciplinary approach to problems of occupational health and safety. Our objectives are: (a.) to train occupational health and safety professionals in the evaluation of the work environment and work ha... more >

  • The Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering offers graduate programs leading to M.Eng. (thesis and project options), and Ph.D. degrees in either mining engineering or metallurgical engineering. The Diploma is designed to provide a sound techn... more >

  • The Office of International Education promotes the McGill's teaching programs through its student exchanges and links with universities and educationa... more >

  • The Faculty offers a wide range of programs in the biomedical and physical, sciences, including chemistry, physics, geography, biology, biochemistry, computer science, etc. more >

  • This web site lists the credit and non-credit courses offered in the summer terms. more >

  • Also in conjunction with McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law, a course of study leading to the Specialty M.A. degree in Bioethics. Strength in: Ancient Philosophy; Seventeenth through Nineteenth Century Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Mi... more >

  • MMM focuses on the optimization of manufacturing and supply chain operations, processes and systems by emphasizing leadership, engineering and managem... more >

  • The Department of Chemistry offers M.Sc., M.Sc.A., and Ph.D. programs in all areas of chemistry (organic, bio-organic, analytical, environmental, inorganic, physical, polymer, and theoretical). The department attracts graduate students from all over the... more >

  • The Graduate School of Library and Information Studies focuses upon the knowledge and skills necessaryto identify, acquire, organize, retrieve and dis... more >

  • The Laboratory is dedicated to basic and applied spinal research, and is composed of researchers and clinicians from such fields as biomechanics, bioc... more >

  • our graduate programs invite students pursuing their LL.M. and D.C.L. degrees to discover and write within a community of legal scholars that is internationally renowned and engaged. Legal traditions and approaches interact in every classroom, encoun... more >

  • Graduate programs leading to the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees are offered. The emphasis in both programs is on development of the intellectual and technical skills necessary for independent research. more >

  • The Department of Psychiatry offers an M.Sc. degree program. more >

  • Since 1965, the Institute of Comparative Law has played a central role in graduate legal education at McGill, serving as a vehicle for Master’s and Doctoral students pursuing projects with comparative dimensions. Today, the Institute is at the cutting e... more >

  • The Medical Physics Unit is a teaching and research unit concerned with applications of physics to medicine, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. The unit offers an M.Sc. degree. Facilities are available for students to take the... more >

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