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Environment and Health Collaborative Program

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This program complements the collaborative program in Environmental Studies while adding a distinct focus on the interplay between the outdoor environment and health status. The health implications of mankind's continually evolving impact on the environment cover a very broad range of issues such as air and water quality, contaminated land, and shifts in the distribution of vector-borne diseases (related to changes in land-use and climate, and patterns of human migration). The program has the dual aim of providing students in the health sciences with a broad environmental perspective while exposing environmental students to the health implications of environmental quality. This program may also be of interest to students who are concerned with sociological and policy approaches to the field of environment and health. Such approaches are equally important for students who are working on the pathophysiology of human disease and those who are focussing on the pathways of contaminants in the environment. In both cases there is a need to understand the other part of the equation.


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