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Registrar of the Graduate School

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Queen's Accelerated MBA

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Unique Factors Queen’s Accelerated MBA is Canada’s first MBA program designed specifically for people with an undergraduate degree in business and at least two years of relevant work experience. It is an exceptional learning experience that enables participants to earn a Queen’s MBA in 12 months, while they continue to work. The curriculum is designed to build on undergraduate learning. The program is offered in major cities across Canada. Teaching Method Unlike other schools that are committed to a single teaching style, Queen's uses a blend of class instruction, case studies, simulations and real-world projects to create the optimal learning environment. Class Location(s) Classes are delivered via interactive, multipoint videoconference, a technology we have been using and perfecting for more than a decade. The program is offered in major cities across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Class Date Options It is a 12-month program starting in January that enables you to earn a Queen's MBA while you continue to work in your current job. By scheduling classes all day Sunday and Monday morning of every other week, Queen’s gives you 12 days off between class weekends to organize your business, travel or personal plans.
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