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Registrar of the Graduate School

Kingston, NS






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Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Queen’s University Philosophy Department offers high quality graduate programs that aspire to give students both a solid general education in philosophy and opportunities for specialized work on topics of your choice. Our faculty is very productive in a broad range of areas of research. The small size of the graduate programs allows for individual attention and a collegial atmosphere. The writing and analytic skills that our M.A. students develop have consistently made them very desirable candidates for jobs in both the public and private sectors, and sought-after applicants at the best Law Schools, professional M.A. and M.B.A. programs, and the most competitive Ph.D. programs in North America and Europe. The Ph.D. program affords opportunities to pursue high-level studies and research and to work closely with members of our faculty. Many candidates also acquire valuable teaching experience while they are writing their theses and often have opportunities to take full responsibility for courses as teaching fellows.


Ontario Graduate Council

International Student Requirements:

as per domestic but proof of English language proficiency also required.
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