Laurentian University: Sudbury, Ontario

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Laurentian University Greater Sudbury , ON  
  • The objective of the program is to develop an advanced level of epertise in areas of direct and indirect practice of social work and in areas of socia... more >

  • Research can be conducted in various fields within Chemistry and Biochemistry. more >

  • The main emphasis of he Master of Arts in History program is oin Nineteenth century social history, which focuses upon the nature ans character of cla... more >

  • The program is designed to stress the commonalties between the various humanities disciplines; in fact, it seeks to inquire into those commonalties, t... more >

  • The program focuses on applied social research, research used to address practical issues rather than purely theoretical problems. more >

  • The Master of Arts in Human Development is a bilingual, interdisciplinary program which aims to provide students with an integrated view of human deve... more >

  • The location of Laurentian University at Sudbury offers ready access to a wide variety of geological environments embracing Archean volcanic and sedim... more >

  • The main areas of research in the department are in acoustics, optics, solid state physics, neutrino physics and theoretical physics. more >

  • This interdisciplinary program was developed in consultation with local industry. more >

  • L'Ecole de service social offre un program de maitrise en service social en francais. more >

  • The Master's Program in Biology has generated theses in such diverse areas as:revegetation of industrial barrens;ecophysiological studies of higher pl... more >

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