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MA in Community Development - International



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Degrees Offered:

MA in Community Development - International

Format: Online

Program Description:

 The Master of Arts in Community Development – International (MACD-I) is a unique program jointly developed and delivered by the University of Victoria and the Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA). This part-time program is delivered through a combination of online and residential courses that enable you to make a difference while continuing to contribute to your community. 

In taking this program students will: 
• be an agent for change in community development 
• enhance your leadership and participatory research skills 
• have the flexibility to work or continue working 
The MACD-I program incorporates the global strategic context, personal leadership and the organizational perspectives relevant to community development and sustainable change. In a rapidly changing world, local and global communities are faced with many challenges. This program is designed to enable those contributing to and/or working in these communities, to face these challenges while pursuing a Masters Degree. 
Designed with working professionals in mind, the new MACD-I program will build and develop students capacity to become successful leaders in the civil society and social economy. The program is a part-time professional program delivered through a combination of online and residential courses based in New Delhi, India. Each of the two residential workshops is held over a two week period in the summer terms and the remainder of the program is completed via online coursework.
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