International University of the Health Sciences

International University of the Health Sciences



Winnipeg, MB


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.D.;Combined B.Med.Sci./M.D.;, M.Med.Sci.;M.B.,B.S.;B.S.N.;M.S.N.;

Format: Online

Program Description:

The International University of the Health Sciences(IUHS), located on St Kitts, encourages high school graduates or college students from the US and Worldwide to apply for an M.D. or a dual B.Med.Sci.,M.D. education.With a highly qualified academic faculty, IUHS has a sophisticated, computer-driven program-- using an on-campus Intranet as well as the Web-- to assist in learning and teaching the whole medical curriculum. In the preclinical phase, much teaching takes place in the local hospitals and clinics and patients, audiovisual aids and many other materials are used. Small, in-person group tutorials and individual attention, using Problem Based Learning (PBL) methods, are the teaching philosophies. Well-rounded nonscience graduates are also welcome, and, as an international medical school, premed or MCATs are not necessary. There is also a dual B.Med.Sci,M.D. program for qualified high school graduates. Preclinical studies are conducted on the IUHS Campus using required laptop computers. Selected students, with demonstrated ability, and allied healthcare professionals may arrange to study through our unique modified ( there are particular local conditions that must be met) preclinical Off-Campus Learning Program with some required visits to the Campus. Clinical clerkship rotations are in the U.S., on St. Kitts, in England, Southern Africa,or Australia. IUHS is listed with the World Health Organization and ECFMG, allowing students interested in working in the USA to take the USMLE examinations. University sponsored loans toward tuition are available to US and non-US students; University Bursaries (need) and Scholarships (merit) are provided to selected applicants. IUHS has affiliate programs in Medicine (undergraduate and postgraduate) and Nursing (post-RN) in various locales in India and the Gulf States
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