Dalhousie University

Faculty of Architecture and Planning

Social Anthropology


Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building

5850 College Street

Halifax, NS






Program Information

Degrees Offered:

MA Degree Program, PhD Degree Program

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Anthropology is composed of four subfields, social/cultural, archaeological, biological, and linguistic. The strength of our programme is the concentration upon Social Anthropology, the area most complementary to Sociology. Social Anthropology, with its emphases on global context, continuity and change, questions of human and group identity, and views on human nature, may focus on local cultures or entire civilizations. For example, some social anthropologists study historical and contemporary conditions of indigenous groups, tribal or peasant societies, while others conduct their research within industrial societies. Our programme provides the opportunity for students to become conversant with the comparative cultural implications of modern societies, such as different forms of family and kinship practices, changing gender relations, the organization of work, law and social injustice, medicine and health, religion, and political economy. How do people in different places and times react, resist, and adapt to change?
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