Memorial University of Newfoundland

Graduate Studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland

History - Master


School of Graduate Studies

Elzabeth Avenue

St. John's, NF


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

History - Master

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The master of arts is particularly broad in scope and may be pursued as a research degree (four courses and a thesis over two years) or a course-work degree (6 courses and a written comprehensive examination in one year). The doctor of philosophy degree in Canadian, maritime, and Newfoundland requires a minimum of two courses, a language examination, directed readings before sitting a comprehensive examination, and a dissertation based on original research following the foral presentation of a thesis proposal. All degree programs are available on both a full-time and part-time basis. Both programs require one year in residence. Deadlines: for fall seester, 15 February; for winter semester, 15 September. Students applying from outside Canada should submit applications at least one month earlier than these dates.
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