Memorial University of Newfoundland

Graduate Studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland

Chemistry and Food Science


School of Graduate Studies

Elzabeth Avenue

St. John's, NF


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Ph.D.-Chemistry, M.Sc.-Chemistry

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs of study consist of courses and research work, and require the submission of a thesis describing the results of original research. The department also participates in interdisciplinary master’s programs in environmental science and computational science. Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. Molecular modeling and simulation. Selectivity/reactivity; reaction mechanism; software design; high performance computing. Analytical, Marine and Environmental Chemistry. Current research includes the identification of novel, biologically active compounds in aquatic environments, ultra-trace analysis of organopollutants, analysis and profiling of organic compounds in the environment, chemical speciation of trace metals in the aquatic environment, and marine lipid chemistry. Inorganic and Materials Chemistry. The group provides students with a broad experience in synthetic inorganic/materials chemistry, and specialist training in advanced physical methods. Research areas include green chemistry, catalysis, new magnetic information storage media, fuel cells, biomaterials, and the chemistry of excited states Organic Synthesis. The organic synthesis group is involved in diverse projects ranging from method development and mechanistic studies to the synthesis of natural products, drugs, and novel organic materials. Project areas include asymmetric organic synthesis and catalysis, cyclophanes, calixnaphthalenes, fullerenes, nanotubes, nanotechnology, Experimental Physical Chemistry. Research areas include ion spectroscopy of hydrogen bonded species and biophysical chemistry. The department is well equipped with modern instrumentation operated as part of the Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training Network Stipends are maintained at competitive levels, while tuition fees are among the lowest in Canada. There are no application forms for financial support; all students are automatically considered.

International Student Requirements:

English Proficiency min score: 550 paper based score / 213 Computer based score. / 80 internet based score.
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