Memorial University of Newfoundland: Saint John's, Newfoundland And Labrador

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Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John's , NF  
  • Set in Canada's most unique city - St. more >

  • The Department of Geography offers graduate thesis-based programs leading to the MA, MSc, and PhD. Research is conducted within the fields of cartography, climatology, conservation, cultural, historical, and economic geography, geographic information sy... more >

  • Sociology aims to understand patterns of human social life in all their historical and current diversity. We seek to understand how people live, think, feel, and believe, comparing our own society with others. We are a friendly crowd, and we welcome qu... more >

  • The Faculty of Business Administration's the Centre for Management Development has announced a partnership with York University to offer a Masters Cer... more >

  • The graduate program in cardiovascular and renal physiology enables students to pursue research and academic studies in selected cardiovascular and renal physiology topics. The faculty participating in the program consists of basic cardiovascular scient... more >

  • The English Department’s graduate program at Memorial University has the motto: Re-Imagine the Literary Landscape. Combining traditional scholarly study with cutting edge approaches to textual analysis, our graduate programs offer a wide variety of cour... more >

  • The Department of Biochemistry offers a graduate program leading to the M.Sc. and PhD degrees in Biochemistry and Food Science. The program of study consists of courses and research work that are designed to equip the students with the knowledge and exp... more >

  • The degree of Master of Arts in Political Science is offered by full-time and part-time study. It may be taken by course work and thesis, course work... more >

  • Memorial conferred its first degree in Master of Physical Education (M.P.E.) in 1975, and in the spring of 2005 we saw our first graduates with a Mast... more >

  • The Fisheries Resource Management program is intended to provide graduates with knowledge and understanding of a range of areas related to fisheries management. The program is applicable to all facets of the industry, and is a must for individuals invo... more >

  • The M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs of study consist of courses and research work, and require the submission of a thesis describing the results of original research. The department also participates in interdisciplinary master’s programs in environmental scie... more >

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland's Dept. of Folklore offers master's level (M.A.) and doctoral level (Ph.D.) programmes in Folklore. The M.A. normally requires six semesters (two years) of full-time effort. It may be done as ten courses plus a compre... more >

  • Memorial University has offered undergraduate instruction in anthropology since 1959 and in archaeology since 1967. The Archaeology Unit was formed within the Department of Anthropology in 1978, to coordinate archaeological research, teaching and care o... more >

  • Today Memorial University is the only university in Canada that offers the B.Eng. degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and the M.Eng. and Ph.D. Degrees in Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering. Facilities available to students in some... more >

  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics of Memorial University of Newfoundland offers graduate programs leading to three degrees: Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) The MAS is a highly structured program incorporating both courses and practicum (... more >

  • Applied Health Services Research prepares graduates from diverse disciplines and backgrounds with the necessary skills to tackle the complex health policy issues facing us today and going forward. Cancer Research is a program leading to the MSc and PhD... more >

  • The Division of Community Health offers comprehensive graduate programs leading to a Diploma in Community Health, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The division is especially interested in applicants pursuing research projects in the a... more >

  • The M.Sc. more >

  • This program is offered jointly by Memorial’s Faculties of Arts and Business Administration. more >

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