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Individual Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to create an interdisciplinary graduate program that combines substantial aspects of existing discipline-based programs of at least two units into a unique syllabus which lies outside the traditional disciplinary boundaries. Each unit currently offering a discipline-based graduate level program is eligible to offer an Individual Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) program, as long as the subject area of that unit is the major focus of the IIS program and the unit offers the level of degree being pursued, i.e., Master’s or Ph.D. The unit is thus considered the "home" unit of the IIS student. Because of the individuality of each program and the need for special guidance, an advisory committee is required for all IIS students at the time of admission. The Individual Interdisciplinary Studies program gives students the ability to customize an interdisciplinary program that matches their research. The unique combination of research and coursework experiences will provide opportunities for graduates wishing to work in the professional, teaching, and research domains. The University of Manitoba has twenty faculties with graduate programs that can be combined uniquely, allowing students to work directly with faculty members from different disciplines. Students who have pursued interdisciplinary studies will have unique research experience and a valuable perspective to bring to a variety of professional and academic positions.


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