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The Department of Icelandic Language and Literature offers innovative and challenging programs of study leading up to the M.A. degree. The aim of the program is to develop student knowledge of Icelandic language, literature and culture and to train students in the methods of scholarship. Graduate courses are offered on demand and can often be tailored to particular interests. Courses in Icelandic language and literature allow students access to the fascinating world of medieval Icelandic culture, and constitute an important addition to the study of medieval, religious, literary and linguistic history of Western Europe. Iceland’s size, geographical isolation, relatively homogeneous population, and history of documentation has made it a popular area for comparative research in a wide range of disciplines. Courses that focus on North American-Icelandic history, culture, literature, film and translation provide unique insights into Canadian culture and history, and allow access to sources that enable students to do comparative research in the context of Trans-Atlantic culture.


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