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University of Manitoba Winnipeg , MB  
  • Includes research opportunities in the physical and chemical properties of textiles, including polymer science... more >

  • The CHS program offers broad, multidisciplinary training at the Diploma, Master’s and Doctoral levels in the concepts and methods of the population-based health sciences and their application in the practice of population health, public health and preve... more >

  • Department of Icelandic Language and Literature offers innovative and challenging programs of study... more >

  • The graduate program provides a research-intensive experience and imparts critical thinking skills suitable for research careers in biomedical science, industrial research or clinical research. Due to the interdisciplinary character of modern immunology... more >

  • In either the M.Sc or Ph.D. program, students must achieve a high standard in a research project and in a thesis reporting their results. Students must also take some course work, including a course intended to develop written and oral communications sk... more >

  • Pathology offers two programs leading to a Master of Science degree: Research Based Program & thesis; Pathologists's Assisstant... more >

  • The Department of Economics offers a full range of modern programs from a variety of critical perspectives. Students in the Economics graduate programs not only become proficient in current economic theory, methods, and applications, but also become acq... more >

  • The Department of Biological Sciences was officially formed in July 2007. This new department integrated the former Departments of Botany and Zoology and the Biology Teaching Program. Biological Sciences brings together faculty that are committed to adv... more >

  • The major research divisions and training programs of the Department are: Cardiovascular Science and Disease Endocrinology & Metabolic Disease Neurosciences and Spinal Cord Injury Respiratory Physiology and Disease In addition to laboratory-based... more >

  • The M.Sc. is a postgraduate academic Master's degree. The M.Sc. program consists of both coursework and research, with a final thesis and thesis presentation. The M.Eng. is a professional degree. In Canada and the U.S., M.Eng. is a terminal degree (this... more >

  • Why?... more >

  • Several branches of Greek and Roman Archaeology, Art History, History, Language and Literature, and Ancient Thought. more >

  • éducation inclusive administration scolaire counselling scolaire langue, littératie et curriculum... more >

  • The MSW program structure with a common core and up to five clusters, includes a number of newly developed courses, and modified existing courses to ensure that the curriculum is current and in compliance with the standards of our accreditation body (Th... more >

  • Le Département de français, d'espagnol et d'italien offre des programmes menant à la Maîtrise des Arts en français et au Doctorat en français. Au niveau de la maîtrise, les candidats peuvent se spécialiser dans tous les domains de la littérature de lang... more >

  • The Mathematics department offers a program of study in several branches of mathematics leading to the Master's of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Some of the chief branches offered include: Analysis - Approximation Theory, Complex Analysis... more >

  • The Department of Soil Science offers graduate instruction leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. Students select one of the following four programs: Fundamental Soil Science Agricultural Science Agrometeorology Environmental Science Graduate studen... more >

  • The Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science offers graduate training at both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels, preparing students for careers in biomedical research, for teaching in selective areas of anatomy, and for admission to clinical programs. HACS... more >

  • The Master of Arts (Geography) is the logical progression for graduates from a Bachelor of Arts program. However, students interested in Physical Geography, who do not wish to pursue the Master of Science (Environment and Physical Geography) may also en... more >

  • The purpose of this program is to provide training for those wishing to conduct and promote basic and clinical research... more >

  • Graduate study is directed towards the analysis, planning and design of exterior spaces, both urban and rural. more >

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