Providence Theological Seminary

Providence Theological Seminary

Global Studies


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Otterburne, MB






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Degrees Offered:

Certificates (Youth Ministry,Children's Ministry,TESOL,TTESOL,Christian Studies, Cross-Cultural Discipleship);Diploma in Encouragement Counselling, Doctor of Ministry, M.A. - Global Studies (Missions or TESOL emphasis);Master of Divinity (Professional and Honours); M.A. - Counselling Psychology; M.A. - Specialized Ministries;Master of Arts (General Academic Track)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

God's calling. What's next? Providence Theological Seminary is an evangelical institution whose purpose is to serve the Church, in the accomplishment of its mission, by preparing and supporting leaders, developing resources, and facilitating theological reflection. The Center for Global Studies has been established to prepare Christians from around the world for service in a variety of global contexts. It is essential that Western Christians see themselves as part of a global community which endeavors to transcend those geopolitical, national, ethnic, cultural, and economic boundaries that characteristically separate people, and that they explore and act upon the practical implications of the truth that not only do 'they' need 'us' but that 'we' desperately need 'them'.
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