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Degree Offered:

M.A.Sc Thesis Only.;M.Sc Thesis Only., Ph.D.

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Theoretically and experimentally oriented Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs are offered in a number of key areas of geophysics. Current fields of interest are glaciology, with studies in glacier physics; geodynamics of the crust and upper mantle, with an emphasis on numerically modeling lithosphere deformation and earthquakes; reflection seismology with the goal of making inferences on the geological and rock-physical processes responsible for seismic discontinuities; time-series analysis and wavelet processing; inversion methodologies with application to reflection seismology, mineral exploration, and environmental studies; seismology with observational programs in crustal and upper mantle studies; reflection, refraction, and earthquake studies focused on understanding past and current tectonic processes in Western Canada; and theoretical model studies to investigate wave propagation in laterally heterogeneous media.


Public Canadian University

International Student Requirements:

You must check the Faculty of Graduate Studies Website for min academic requirements for your country.

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