Simon Fraser University: Burnaby, British Columbia

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Simon Fraser University Burnaby , BC  
  • The clinical program places equal emphasis on training in both research and clinical practice, and isaccredited as a doctoral training program in clinical psychology by both the Canadian PsychologicalAssociation and the American Psychological Associatio... more >

  • Successful applicants typically have an undergraduate degree with a minimum overall grade of 3.0 or B. Note: most funding applications call for 3.67 o... more >

  • The School provides a focus for interdisciplinary research on natural resource problems of local, national and international interest, and offers a program of graduate education in resource and environmental management. The degree programs are intended... more >

  • It is designed for students interested in studying theories, basic and applied research, and research method in the psychology of education. more >

  • Communication is a new academic discipline which is engaged in the study of information and how it is created, shared, distributed, consumed and used. It includes the study of culture as well as the media ofcommunication. And it includes the study of th... more >

  • It is a late afternoon-evening program offered to practising and prospective educational administrators. more >

  • The M.Eng. program is designed for part-time study by practicing engineers and is based on a set of courses, normally offered in the evenings, plus a project performed in industry. The principal areas of study offered in the M.Eng. program are electroni... more >

  • This program is designed for educational administrators who are working full time. This degree looks beyond educational leadership as the application... more >

  • Provides students with graduate studies in the following areas: theoretical computing science; computer graphics; database systems; artificial intelligence; distributed systems; computer design and organization; programming languages and systems. more >

  • The program emphasizes independent research and operates in a modern new laboratory building having excellent facilities. Major areas of research include developmental biology and genetics, using model invertebrate model systems and in structural and co... more >

  • The Department of Geography at Simon Fraser includes social, cultural, economic, and physical geographers. more >

  • The Graduate Program is one of the traditional strengths of the Department. more >

  • The School of Kinesiology has extensive modern facilities supporting graduate and faculty research. Graduate students are provided with a highly interactive and personalized environment and faculty research is well funded by both external and internal g... more >

  • The program in experimental psychology is intended for students desiring academic and researchcareers. There are five areas of research specialization within the experimental program: BiologicalPsychology, Developmental Psychology, Evolutionary Psycholo... more >

  • It is a late afternoon-evening program offered to students who wish to study current literature and research in education, and to use schools and clas... more >

  • The Department of Economics integrates a strong emphasis on research with a commitment to excellence in teaching. Programs in economics provide a balance between theory and practical application. Students will receive instruction from distinguished facu... more >

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