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Degrees Offered:

Doctor or Practitioner of Chinese Medicine

Format: Campus

Program Description:

With a written history of over 2500 years, Chinese medicine encompasses a truly vast field of knowledge. Those individuals who choose to study Chinese medicine will find that their study will last an entire lifetime and, even then, seems not yet fully complete.

The Chinese medicine program of study has been designed, to as large a degree as possible, to match similar programs of study at Chinese medicine universities in the People’s Republic of China. These PRC university programs are generally 5 or 6 years in length and extremely comprehensive, encompassing not only all modalities of Chinese medicine: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, tui-na massage, qi-gong therapy, diet therapy, but also related Western medicine topics.

In tailoring such programs to suit the North American post-secondary education system, a major obstacle has obviously been condensing a large amount of teaching into an appropriate program length. In remaining true to our commitment to the fidelity of Chinese medicine in its tradition, KCCIHS determined that in order to maintain a program length equivalent to other North American colleges of Chinese medicine, it was necessary to include a total number of teaching hours far in excess of those offered at most of these North American schools.

Year One
The focus of year one will be on the orientation into the paradigm of Chinese medicine. Following the introduction of fundamental theories and concepts the student will gradually be introduced to diagnosis, disease and treatment principles. The practical training will be focused on Taiji Quan. The study of the Chinese language is used to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts and to prepare the student for independent research of TCM manuscripts still in their language of origin, as well as preparation for possible further studies in China for those students who choose to do so.

Year Two
The focus of the second year is to introduce the more technical elements of Chinese medicine. These include acupuncture points and techniques of acu-moxa treatment as well as Chinese medicinal substances and Chinese medicinal formulas. In this year, students will be introduced to the classical view of mental and emotional disharmony patterns and their absolute importance to a wide variety of illnesses. Students will continue their study of counseling skills and begin their study of Western Pathology, Tui Na (clinical massage) and Qi Gong (understanding and training qi).

Year Three
The focus in this year is to systematically examine all patterns of disharmony and their manifestations as illness. This study encompasses etiology, symptomology, differential diagnosis, principles of treatment, and appropriate therapy. All therapeutic methods in terms of acumoxa, medicinal formulas, Tui Na massage and qi-gong will be discussed. This year draws heavily on the previous years’ materials.

Year Four
The focus of this last year of study is on the integration of learned knowledge and skills into the clinical setting. A greater practical and seminar component within the program will assist students in developing the professional skills and attitudes necessary for independent practice.

Year Five (Doctor of Chinese Medicine only)
The focus of the last year of study is to direct students’ study in advanced fields of knowledge and research within the paradigm of Chinese medicine. Study will include more advanced classical TCM writings, as well as the modern evolution of the tradition of Chinese medicine as it continues to integrate with the knowledge of modern science.


The Kootenay Columbia College of Integrative Health Sciences (KCCIHS), formerly the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences (ACOS), is a well-established school now in its 20th year of (PTIB) accreditation (Private Training Institutes Branch). This standing means that our programs, instructors, and facilities are all government approved and regulated and that our students are eligible for student loans.

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