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Interdisciplinary Graduate Program


University of Calgary, Health Sciences Building, 3330 Hospital Drive N.W.

Calgary, AB




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Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Previously known as the Resources and the Environment Program, the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program can trace its founding back to 1968. The new name recognizes the breadth of the areas of interdisciplinary research undertaken in the program, which have always included studies of human and cultural resources and environments. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary research in areas not offered by other departmental and faculty programs. Over the years it has provided an intellectually enriching vehicle for many students and faculty members to pursue their specific research interests.The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program is largely an administrative unit. It employs no academic faculty members, offers no courses and is, by mandate, both interdisciplinary and non-competitive with existing graduate programs. Its academic strength comes from the fact that all qualified academics across the university, regardless of departmental affiliation, may be thesis supervisors and students may take courses in any department. Thus while it has no faculty members by appointment, it has potentially the largest contingent of academic expertise of any academic unit on campus. The program is particularly well suited to self-motivated learners and mature, independent researchers who have a strong sense of the academic path they wish to pursue.Students may approach potential supervisors directly or, in the case of applicants from off-campus, the Director will attempt to identify appropriate supervisors once the applicant has submitted a research proposal. Research proposals must be received in a timely fashion, well in advance of the applicable application deadline.
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