University of Antwerp

Institute of Development Policy and Management

Master of Economics of International Trade and European Integration


Venusstraat 35

Antwerpen, Antwerpen


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.Sc. - Master of Economics of International Trade and European Integration

Format: Campus

Program Description:

As a result of fundamental changes in the international trading environment associated with European integration and economic renewal in Central and Eastern Europe, the universities participating in this programme acknowledge the need for their economic and management faculties to develop European joint educational initiatives. They recognise that there is an increasing need for specialised university training in the field of the economics of European integration in which, besides a further study in economic theory, applied economic, social and legal topics on European integration are dealt with. They also believe that this type of study prospers in an environment where students and teachers from different countries participate.

The programme is aimed at students with career aspirations in research, in government and international organisations, and in research departments of large banks and industrial and commercial corporations.

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