University of Antwerp

Institute of Development Policy and Management

Master of Molecular Biology


Universiteitsplein 1

Antwerpen, Antwerpen


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.Sc.- Master of Science in Molecular Biology

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The first year consists of the following units: molecular biology; biochemistry; analytical biochemistry and protein chemistry; microbial genetics and genetics of higher eukaryotes; statistics and data processing-part I -part II; immunology; microbiology; virology and parasitology; physiology (option plant or animal physiology); practical courses and visits. The second year includes a common core (advanced and applied molecular biology; advanced microbial genetics and virology; physical chemistry and structural analysis of macromolecules; social and economical aspects of biotechnology) and three specialisation courses: (i) plant production (phytopathology; bio-control of plant diseases and biofertilization; plant biodiversity); (ii) animal production (prophylaxis of infectious diseases; applied biotechnology in livestock production; livestock genetics); (iii) human health (human infectious diseases; control and prevention of human diseases; human genetics and diseases). Furthermore, students prepare a dissertation.Holders of a 4-year university degree or a 3-year university degree (provided the candidate has relevant research experience) are eligible. Priority will be given to candidates holding the degree of Medical Doctor, Veterinary Doctor or Agricultural Engineer.Candidates holding degrees in biology, biochemistry, chemistry and other scientific disciplines are also eligible. A good knowledge of English is essential. Additional language courses can be taken at the university or at language institutes. Upon successful completion of the required examinations, the programme leads to the degree of Master of Science in Molecular Biology.
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