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The Doctoral Programme in Theology aims at broadening and deepening doctoral students' knowledge and ability to produce scholarly research in theology or religious studies. Furthermore, doctoral students will be supported in their research by means of supervision by the programme's professorial staff. The programme will be especially geared toward preparing a doctoral dissertation, within a reasonable timeframe. The dissertation should constitute an innovative contribution to the area of theological research.

The Doctoral Programme in Theology consists of an interrelated and coherent combination of educational and other study activities. Components of the Doctoral Programme can be followed at other national or international universities and institutes for scientific research, especially those with which the Faculty has established collaborative agreements.

The Doctoral Programme consists of obligatory and optional elements which aim at broadening knowledge and experience by way of methodological reflection, systematic guidance, discussion with other doctoral students, contact with professors from one's own area of research, the presentation of research results, international contacts, preparation of publications, supplementary formation through the study of languages and other specialised courses, and team work.

Participation in the Doctoral Programme is a compulsory condition for obtaining the doctoral degree. As a rule, this implies a residency requirement of two years of full-time study. In very exceptional cases candidates may be exempted from the requirement to participate in the Doctoral Programme. In such cases an alternative assignment will be imposed.


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