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Postgraduate Studies in ICT and Media Law

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Postgraduate Studies in ICT & Media Law

Over the past twenty years the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law & ICT has, within the framework of K.U.Leuven, built up extensive expertise in the field of ICT & media law research and education. The centre enjoys an excellent reputation both at national and international level and has established a wide network of experts and contacts in the private and public sector as well as the academic community.

The ICT and Media sector is a rapidly evolving and highly complex sector, influenced by technological, economic and sociological developments. In this sector, existing legal frameworks are continuously challenged, traditional legal concepts and principles need to be reinterpreted and an insight into other – connected – disciplines is vital to function at a high level. It is one of the goals of our programme to address the increasing demand for qualified legal practitioners in the ICT and Media sector.

The Postgraduate Studies in ICT & Media Law programme aims to provide a complete study of European ICT & Media Law and to explore important interdisciplinary perspectives (technology, economy, socio-political, cultural and media studies), and devotes particular attention to the obtainment of practical skills (through an internship as well as a specific skills course module). Aside from a professional stream, with a field internship, where emphasis is put on acquiring up-to-date knowledge and professional legal skills, we also offer a research stream, with a research-oriented internship, for students who aspire to an academic career in the field of ICT & Media Law.


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