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The aim of doctoral training is to bring doctoral graduates to an advanced level of creative and independent thinking and action. As such, the doctoral student prepares for a career in frontier research and education or for high-level roles in professional sectors where deep rigorous analysis is required. To realise this purpose, doctoral training focuses on personal development in four complementary domains:

1. Professional expertise: knowledge of the discipline, analytic and synthetic mind set, creativity, thinking-out-of-the-box attitude;
2. Research management: project management and financing, respecting professional and ethical standards;
3. Personal effectiveness: self management, time management, motivation, problem solving, career planning;
4. Impact and influence: collaboration, communication, networking, leadership.

Doctoral training takes place first and foremost in the research group or laboratory via informal and formal meetings with the promoter and peer researchers. This research-based training is complemented by more structured training activities organised by the doctoral school.


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