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This post-graduate programme is a high profile programme in European and International Law, with a variety of specialisations. Students do acquire a high level of understanding of law. They identify and resolve complex legal problems and are prepared to work in a creative manner with international and national legal sources and techniques. The program kicked off in 1990, modelled on the programs at US law schools. The Leuven LL.M. continues the tradition of enabling you to study alongside the international body of students who come to Leuven via Erasmus and other exchange agreements, thus expanding the international exposure which the LL.M. group already offers you. However the LL.M. also offers you an increasing amount of courses, tutorials and clinics which are exclusively organised for the concise group of LL.M. students. The introduction of intensive 'clinics', led by top experts in their field, is but the latest means of enhancing your exclusive research and teaching experience. These clinics will crown your know-how in your chosen fields of specialisation, and will enable you to have high level discussions on these issues in a small group of fellow LL.M. students. These clinics – as well as other tutorials – will also offer you a platform to meet practitioners and experts in your specialisation.


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