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The fascination for archaeology is possibly as old as humankind itself, and the growth of this interdisciplinary science is boundless … if you have been bitten by the bug, then make archaeology your proper career! Our programme allows you to specialize and participate in different areas of international research. We will also prepare you for all the aspects of professional practice on and off the field. By the end of the program the student will have acquired: * a specialized knowledge of different archaeological domains and related research. * a thorough knowledge of archaeological practice and theory. * the ability to direct or coordinate fieldwork (as a trench supervisor) in Belgium and abroad, and the ability to interpret the generated data. * the ability to reflect on complex (interdisciplinary) archaeological topics and to contextualize case studies, thus reflecting on the subject area itself. * the ability to address, formulate and research an archaeological problem: apply archaeological methods to the source material, process literature in a critical manner, formulate a research proposal and describe research paths, critically evaluate data and communicate research results (written and spoken). The student should be able to make a contribution to the discipline. * the competence to tackle and discuss social issues, based on solid arguments. * the ability to present research and take part in an (international) colloquium.


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