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Emphasizing sound methodological foundations for identifying and analysing linguistic patterns, a sense of precise and systematic language description, and the ability to develop and criticize theory, the programme aims to provide those who have acquired general graduate knowledge of linguistics with the professional and creative skills required to carry out research. By the end of the programme, students will have gained an understanding of how the organization of and relationships between linguistic subfields may differ according to the theoretical approach taken. They will also have developed the skills to read and evaluate scholarly work in the cognitive and functional traditions. naar boven Applicants must hold a Master’s degree in linguistics, or linguistics and literature, or equivalent, and must have completed a Master’s thesis on a linguistic topic. Some knowledge of the various linguistic subfields is also a prerequisite. Students must be thoroughly familiar with the latest developments in at least one subfield of linguistic research and should have carried out personal, but supervised, research in this subfield (i.e., they should have selected a research topic, designed a study, , and written up the results in accordance with the appropriate conventions of their discipline). Applicants’ previous academic work must demonstrate an interest in cognitive and functional linguistic research as well as adequate insight into the theoretical principles underlying this sort of research. They should also have sufficient knowledge of English to understand lectures, take part in discussions, and present their personal research, both orally and in writing


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