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Degrees Offered:

Dip.-Political and Social Sciences

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The general exploration aims to stimulate students into a critical attitude towards the actual structure and functioning of their society. Both their personal experience and the way reflexions are constructed through popular visions (the media) and scientific research are important. The emphasis is laid on an introduction into the basic research fields such as sociology, political sciences, communication, psychology, economy.... This is a stepping-stone to enable students to make a rational choice for further studies. It is also meant to underline both the global nature of society and human sciences. An initiation into disciplines which are not leading to specific licence years - such as law, philosophy... offers a basic knowledge enabling the student to go deeper into the scientific literature concerned. This once again is a statement : human sciences gain from their multidisciplinary nature. A critical analysis has to be founded on serious methodological grounds. Methodology, statistics, logics... are necessary elements to sharpen the scientific mind. Of course, the formation can only offer a tool-box. The personal critical stand and curiosity of the student remains the central drive.
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