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Philosophy is a science in which, in contrast to the other sciences, no definitive and general consensus is reached concerning what is valid. The philosophy courses are, therefore, not directed at establishing and promoting 'definite truths'. Our goal is to stimulate critical thinking. In the philosophy courses the students are presented a broad variety of differing views in philosophy. The student's own critical thinking is promoted by a series of lecture assignments and papers. At the end of his or her studies in philosophy the student will have a thorough and broad background in philosophy and the sciences and will be able to read and critically evaluate a wide variety of philosophical texts. He or she will also have mastered the craft of researching general and more specific problems within philosophy and the humanities and presenting his or her findings in articles, papers and in oral presentations. Throughout the curicculum the individual contribution grows more and more important and at the end of his or her studies the student has to prove his or her own critical abilities by writing a dissertation. Traditionally, philosophy is subdivided in a wide range of disciplines. At the University of Ghent we focus on logic and epistemology, philosophical anthropology, ethics and aesthetics, as well as on the history of philosophy. During the first year of study the philosophy student has to follow some general courses together with all the other students of the faculty.
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