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Pedagogical Sciences



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Degrees Offered:

Dip.-Pedagogical Sciences

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The mission of studies in educational sciences is to enable the students to acquire the scientific knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary to be able to deal with educational situations on a high and responsible level. The professional fields to which this training thus gives access to are diverse: education, child raising in the family, adult education, education, training and assistance of people with a handicap, the socio-educational sector, continuing education, educational consulting, social work, community work, cultural work, and so on. The contributions of the graduate can be oriented directly to the target groups (for example, as a consultant, teacher, or welfare worker) or to the training of other education professionals (for example as a trainer of teachers or educators) or be provided in the form of study or scientific research (for example as staff worker in a training service or educational institute).
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