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Notary's Practice



Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Dip.- Notary's Practice

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Anyone who is holder of a licentiate or a doctoral degree of law can be admitted to the additional year leading to the licentiate's degree of Notary. This programme consists of one year of daytime courses and one single exam. However, the part-time and to spread the exams over two years. In this case each yearly examination is taken on a part-time programme. In order to offer to the students who wish so, the possibility to gain practical experience in the office of Notary Public during their studies, the lessons are concentrated on the first three days of the week. This programme prepares especially for the practice training term with a view to the appointment to the function of junior notary and to the office of notary public. The junior notary (notary awaiting appointment) assists the notary public in the exercise of his office. He can enter into an association with him and in some cases replace him. After passing a competitive examination, he is appointed by the King.
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