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Materials Engineering



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Degrees Offered:

Dip.- Materials Engineering

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The studies in materials engineering seek to provide in-depth knowledge of the production process (extraction and processing) as well as of the operational characteristics of a wide range of materials. The first year, shared with the chemical engineering studies, lays the physics and chemical groundwork for this study. Given the multiplicity of materials to be studied two options are organized from the second year onward. The option metallurgy and metals engineering not only studies the extraction of metals from their ores but also the physical foundations upon which the characteristics of these materials (metal alloys, synthetic materials, composites) rest. The knowledge thus acquired enables the graduate of this option both to optimize production processes and to deliberately develop new and/or improved materials meeting increasingly demanding environmental requirements, the great necessity for recycling, energy saving, improved corrosion resistance, optimizing the resistance/weight ratio, etc.
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