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Degrees Offered:

MA.-Environmental Sanitation

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The growing public awareness of the impact of most human activities on the environment and the resulting threat for both nature and man, has finally forced most governments to include the prevention of air, water and soil pollution and the sanitation of polluted sites in their action programmes. Yet relatively few people today have been trained adequately to address pollution prevention and/or remediation. Consequently, it is imperative that, in addition to research on environmental matters, the instruction and training of specialists in this field is given urgent attention. The programmes are essentially structured around the following topics: the basic study of non-polluted environments, the courses and causes of environmental pollution, the detection and analysis of environmental pollution, the prevention and reduction of pollution, hazard assessment and eco-toxicology, pollution control legislation and the economic aspects of pollution management. During the second year of the English programme, the scope is widened with a number of courses from other programmes at Ghent University as well as from other Flemish universities. In both programmes a thesis on a subject of environmental pollution must be submitted.
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