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Engineering Physics



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Degrees Offered:

Dip.-Engineering Physics

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The studies in engineering physics are devoted to the technical applications of physics. By combining in a balanced way the basic concepts of a degree in engineering with the essentials of an education as a physicist, these studies seek to train engineers capable of performing or leading technical and scientific research in universities, research establishments or industry. The engineering component of the studies make the physics engineer familiar with the analysis, design and optimizing of new and existing systems, products, machines, materials, etc., in which simplification to manageable system descriptions (from rules of thumb to expert systems) is essential. In the physics component the reductionist approach holds centre stage; here experiments and mathematical modelling seek to reduce physical phenomena to their very essence and to discover the physical laws applicable. Even though the approach has a more philosophical slant, the rigorous attitude is essential and a physical theory shoud stand a validation by experiment.
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