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Criminological Sciences



Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Dip.- Criminological Sciences

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The study to obtain a master degree in criminology tries to offer scientific insights into the different aspects of 'crime' and 'deviant behaviour' (causes, consequences, assistance, prevention, punishment, guidance and policy) through a synthesis of various courses such as criminal law, sociology, psychiatry, psychology, anthropology, history, medical science and the study of crime via exact sciences. It takes four years to complete the entire training programme. During the first two years (KANDIDATUREN : First cycle criminological science) a few basic courses are taught such as psychology, sociology, morals, biology, general legislation, Belgian administrative law and an overview of political developments in Belgium. Besides these courses, several important methodological introductions are taught: historical criticism, statistics and logic. Other courses are: criminology, legal sociology and the criminal sciences.
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