Ghent University

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Complementary Studies in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology



Program Information

Degrees Offered:

MA.- Complementary Studies in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The one year complementary studies in pharmaceutical biotechnology are closely linked to second cycle education and aim at a specialization in molecular-biological sciences. They provide an advanced knowledge and understanding of fundamental aspects of specific processes in living organisms, in accordance with timely molecular-technological and information-technological developments. This education covers different disciplines represented in various departments: in the Faculty of Sciences, the departments of Molecular Biology (WE14V) and Molecular Genetics (WE09V), and in the Faculty of Medicine the department of Biochemistry (GE07V). In the Faculty Pharmaceutical Sciences the laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (department of Pharmaceutics (FW01V)) will deal with the regulatory and ethical aspects of biotechnological drugs as well as the biotechnological techniques in medical diagnostics. The laboratory of Physical Pharmacy will take care of the physical-pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical aspects of biotechnological drugs. Staff members from the laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology will teach the pharmaceutical formulation and production aspects of these drugs.
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