Ghent University

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Civil Engineering



Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Dip.- Civil Engineering

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Civil engineering studies are devoted to constructions and their design (roads, bridges, hydraulic engineering, industrial engineering and high-rise building). They seek to train engineers who are able to operate in top jobs worldwide, i.e. on a broad industrial and social scene. Students go through an in-depth training developing their concept and design abilities, ideas and processes. Additionally their training prepares them for an R and D job. Therefore the core curriculum of the civil engineering programme strongly emphasizes the calculation aspect of buildings and infrastructure work. The construction engineering option perfects training in some specific construction engineering disciplines. Upon second cycle graduation the students will thus be able to operate in a broad context as well as in more specialized technological settings in the business world. The business administration option initiates students to a number of basic business administration disciplines. From the very inception of their career graduates will thus have an opportunity to find their way both within companies as in the social and economic environment with which the company interacts. Moreover they will be capable of communicating adequately with specialistcolleagues in the company.
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